OUTFIT: On this hot, sunny island... I wear red gingham pants

How does one survive in this godforsaken sweltering weather? Well, some people hide in air-conditioned shopping malls while some people curse under their breath all day long. Personally, I prefer to take a folding fan with me everywhere I go and simply refuse to sweat. Yes, that's right. I. SIMPLY. REFUSE. TO. SWEAT.

That doesn't work all the time, unfortunately. Like on that day when I was at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I swear I could just stand and do nothing at all but still sweat. Besides, the portion served at Food for Thought, the place where I had brunch with my friends, was abysmal. I highly do not recommend it at all.

But at least my trip to Ann Siang Hill later in the afternoon wasn't too bad. It was worth all the sweat my body was producing in protest to the relentless sunshine and white-hot heat. 

Shophouses - MASSIVE LOVE!
Hipster haven

Those tiles
That combination of wood and coloured, floral tiles

Anyhoo, my outfit was inspired by the 60s and The Shangri-Las. The look would have been more authentic if my pants were high-waisted. But hey, I try my best with the little I have. 

Inspiration (via)
Wearing: White tee, gingham pants from Uniqlo, plastic green basket (with a bunch of flowers for a purely decorative purpose), and of course, my favourite ASOS sunnies

That's all for now! x

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