Sewn: 60s-inspired Mondrian Shift Dress

Dreams do come... partially true.

This 1965 Yves Saint Laurent "Mondrian" Day dress is one of the reasons why I fell in love with the 60s. (That and the whole flower power movement and the Twist and Twiggy and british pop songs from those years and.......)

Ok, I digress. 

Yes, this 1965 YSL dress is divine. All other (cheap) Mondrian-inspired dresses manufactured by clothing chain stores are crap. This F21 remake is an example. 

But it's impossible for me to own the genuine 1965 YSL dress. It is also impossible for me to wear a cheap remake without feeling repulsed. And so, I set my heart to making an acceptable remake of the dress.

You have no idea how I squealed when I saw this fabric in Mondrian print in a craft shop last year. The Little Gwen in my head even did a little victory dance. 

And several months later, this dress was born. Life is good.

Pattern: New Look 6049, option A
Fabric: 100% cotton in Mondrian print (front), black polyester (back)
Modification(s): I shortened the hem and reduced the size of the bodice (as usual).
What I dislike about this pattern: Nothing!
What I love about this pattern: IT'S A SHIFT DRESS!

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