Sewn: Red and white cherry dress

Cherry is da bomb
Ah, a sewing post. 

I made this dress over a year ago but never had the chance to write about it on my now defunct craft blog. So, here it is, featured as a sewing project for the very first time on my new blog! (Yes, check out the old blog if you are keen on knowing more about some of the things that I will continue to write about here.)

The dress
Matching seams!
The pattern
Pattern: New Look 6020, option D (bottom right)
Fabric: Cherry print in polycotton for skirt, red polyester for bodice
Modification(s): I shortened the hem and reduced the size of the bodice (as usual).
What I dislike about this pattern: Zipper on the side rather than at the back
What I love about this pattern: Two words - sweetheart neckline!

Sweetheart neckline
Despite reducing the size of the bodice, it still ended up a little too big. But that only means that the next time I use this pattern again, I'm going to continue to reduce the size a bit more and it's going to end up perfect. Regardless, it's a sweetheart neckline!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And you have no idea how much I love cherry print. Cherry prints are cute AND sexy. What are the chances for something to be cute and sexy AT THE SAME TIME!? I think I have made my point. 

And because I am cheesy, I like wearing this dress with my very treasured pair of cherry earrings which I bought from the Sydney Rock 'n' Roll and Alternative Market a few months back. Oh god, I miss those days...

In other news, I have too many photos to share and too many things to write again. Stay tuned for another blog post soon! 

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