OUTFIT: The mysterious Far East

If you look carefully, you will realise that I am Asian. 

That was a joke. Of course, I'm Asian. Although I don't often identify with my own Asian roots, there are days when I suddenly feel Asian all over and have a strong urge to capitalise on my Asian features.

This was one of those days.

Wearing: Vintage dress in Japanese-inspired print (probably a 70s does 40s design), Chinese umbrella, faux victory rolls, red Rubi flats
And if you look carefully again, you can discover vintage Singapore - little corners of Singapore that still embrace the good old days. The Singapore Food Trail at Singapore Flyer is one of them. This 1960s themed foodcourt houses a wide range Singaporeans' most-loved street hawker food. At one end of the foodcourt, there is also an area with common 1960s household items on display. 

I would totally steal one of these thermos flask.


Unsurprisingly, the cost of food at this themed foodcourt is slightly steeper than the usual foodcourts in Singapore. Nevertheless, the food is good and I still recommend everyone to check it out at least once, especially if you're interested in learning more about what Singapore was like in the 1960s. 

And now, excuse me while I revise the history of Singapore. 

The Singapore Food Trail

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