Take me back to our last summer

Summer inspiration: Favourite ASOS sunnies, black plastic basket bag (recent purchase from H&M Singapore), one piece bathing suit in 50's cut and RED & WHITE GINGHAM print (recent purchase from Modcloth)
Oh me, oh my.

It's been almost a month since I last wrote a post here. Forgive me, for my life has been in disarray and I am just starting to pick up the pieces again. 

Right now, I should be feeling cold, for it is autumn in Sydney. I should be wrapping myself under my doona and warming my hands with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea. 

But no, I have a portable fan whirring ceaselessly beside me. And despite having my hair all tied up in a bun, I am still sweating.

The sweltering heat in Singapore is a constant reminder of my last summer in Sydney. And it doesn't help that I am surrounded by inspiration of summer.

Procelain cups with tropical island-inspired design. I got them at a random knick-knack shop in Singapore and have absolutely no idea what I want to do with them at the moment. But hey, they cost just S$2 each. Perhaps I will grow a cactus in one of them.
Wallpaper in the fitting room of a Kate Spade branch in Singapore. I had to fight back all of my desire to stick my cheek on the wall and purr like a kitty. What would it be like to have this wallpaper on a wall at home? Hmmmm....
That isn't too late to me.
Green plastic basket and 60's style thermal flask from a random knick knack shop in Singapore
And to complete this post, here's a video of me singing a Hawaiian song with my ukelele. Yep, I picked up the ukulele around August last year when I was still in Sydney. Since my return to Singapore, I haven't really been playing much. This was recorded about a month ago for a very special friend. Then I decided to make it public. Eep!

That's all for now. Stay tuned for a post on a summer-inspired sewing project! 

I love you, Sydney.

x gwen

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