Vintage in Singapore: Baan Vintage

My favourite corner of the Baan Vintage store
This is probably the first vintage store that I visited since my return to Singapore.  

Bits and bobs everywhere! :)
I was more interested in the vintage case than the Ken dolls
Vintage barbershop armchair

The store is filled with vintage knick-knacks and bric-a-brac that provide the illusion of being transported back in time. I like shops like this - shops with items that are presented in an organised chaos which requires patience and an eye for detail. It's a challenge, really. Moreover, I like getting lost in the beauty of vintage. 

However, many of the garments and accessories I saw that day were actually modern pieces. Some of them were slightly less mainstream and some of them were rather kitsch. However, those were not the things I was looking for. There were a few racks of true vintage dresses, but they were also not the kind that I was looking for and they were not in the price range that I was willing to pay. 

Some of the clothing items available in the shop
Yes, I already own a couple of Japanese vintage dresses and I am not planning on getting more because the designs that I have seen so far are more or less similar. More importantly, I only paid 10AUD for those dresses I bought in Sydney. And now you want me to pay at least S$100!?

But that's just me. Hey, I earn peanuts. If you have the means, I'd say go for it! 

Lots of vintage trinkets
Regardless, this store is worth a visit. But go for the trinkets, not for the dresses. 


Baan Vintage

Roxy Square II
#01-100, 50 East Coast Road

Marine Parade Estate, Singapore

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