Vintage in Singapore: Kombi Rocks Diner

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the possibility of seeing 5 or more classic cars parked at the same place at the same time in Singapore is close to 0%. So, when I heard about Kombi Rocks Diner, I knew that I had to check it out. 

I have been to Kombi Rocks on 2 separate occasions so far. On the first occasion, I was there for dinner with a friend. There was only one Kombi van parked there then and it was slightly disappointing. I am personally not a fan of the combination of black and red on a Kombi. It was probably used for a wedding photoshoot or something on the same day too.

On the second occasion, I was having lunch with my brother in a restaurant nearby and I took him to this place to check out the Kombi. And on that day, I saw the teal and white beauty in real life for the first time. Yes, teal body with a white top. THAT, my dear, is the PERFECT colour combination for a Kombi van. *swoon*

We also saw a covered vehicle which was probably a VW Beetle. I wished the cover was not there. 

Oh, and just to clarify - this place serves Chinese food. Yes, CHINESE FOOD. To be honest, the word 'diner' misled me into thinking that I could have thick milkshakes and burgers there. But no, let me repeat - this place serves Chinese food ... aaaaaaaand it was pretty good! Trust me, I'm Chinese. I have no photos of the food because that is not the point of this post. 

The interior of the restaurant was also something I liked. It was obvious that the owner has a love for VW Beetles and the Beatles. Beetles and Beatles. Hehe.

VW Beetles
Beatles, guitars, and pin-up girls
Collectibles on sale in the restaurant
How to go: Take the train to Kovan station. Then, you can either choose to walk, take public bus 136 or pay S$40 to be driven to the restaurant in one of the Kombi vans (according to the website, this is only available on weekdays and non-public holidays, and booking is required.)

Website: Kombi Rocks Diner

Lastly, this is just a shout-out to the owner - Haiiiiiii, I love your teal and white Kombi van. We should be friends. 

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