Travel: Malacca - The outfits and the architecture (Part 1 of 2)

With my vintage Samsonite
A few weeks ago, I went on a short weekend trip to Malacca with a friend. Malacca is one of the cities in Malaysia that I have always wanted to visit. Just a 4-hour bus ride from Singapore, it is one of the best places to go for a short weekend getaway if you live in Singapore. 

It is a beautiful city with rich historical and cultural background from its previous Portuguese, British and Dutch. I just loved walking around the city and discovering the architecture that reflects its previous European rule.

Christ Church at the city centre
Terrace houses
The inside of an abandoned house on St. Paul Hill. I think it was previously an art gallery.
The ruins of St. Paul Church
In addition to European influences from previous colonial rule, the Chinese culture is also present because of the Chinese settlers who arrived for trade and labour. I don't want to bore you with the details, but the mix of Chinese and local culture gave birth to the unique Peranakan culture found in Malacca. In fact, the Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum in Malacca is one of the highlights of my trip to Malacca. Unfortunately, photo-taking in the museum was not allowed and so, I have no photos of the museum to share.

The interior of Cafe 1511, a cafe right next to the Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum
Peranakan tiles on the floor and walls of Cafe 1511
Inside Cheng Hoon Teng temple
Side entrance to Cheng Hoon Teng temple

A five-foot walkway
As it was hot and humid in Malacca with lots of walking to do, my outfits on both days were really simple. Of course, I made sure that I had a touch of vintage or rockabilly thrown in. 

Wearing: Backless chambray dress with my favourite red bandana worn around my neck as a scarf - great for soaking up all the sweat in the heat! Did I mention that it was hot hot hot in Malacca?
Wearing: Gingham pants with cropped top and... an Oriental paper umbrella I bought in one of the antique/trinket shops in Malacca. Yay! Love that brolly!
That's all I have to say about my Malacca trip for now. Stay tuned for Part 2 - The antiques and trinkets! 

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