Travel: Malacca - The antique and the trinkets (Part 2 of 2)

Finally... a month later... Part 2 of my Malacca trip!

In addition to the architecture, Malacca is also littered with several antique shops filled with dusty treasures. And, surprise surprise, you can also find numerous shops selling antique/second-hand Peranakan furniture, porcelain, family heirlooms, tiles, jewellery, etc. 

I love organised mess

A wheelchair???
Oh, the glory of a morning glory horn...
One of the shops that I went to even stated that they organise shipping to Singapore. It was all very tempting. Who knows, one day I might just own one of these gramaphones with a gold morning glory horn. 

A rectangular one
A square one
This oval mirror is my favourite
Of all the things I saw in the Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum and the antique shops, these Peranakan mirrors are my favourites. I'm just so taken by the ornate style and elegance. I don't know if what I'm saying next would be blasphemous, but I would say it anyway... The first time I laid eyes on a mirror like this, something in my head whispered, "Gatsby". There, I said it. Yes, Jay Gatsby would have owned a mirror like this. Also, I should own a mirror like this. But I would have no idea where to put it...

Right, so that's the end of my (abysmal) series on my trip to Malacca. Next up... my Hong Kong trip! If you follow me on Instagram at @gwenstella89, you would know that I was recently on a holiday in Hong Kong and found several vintage shops.

Also, I am almost finishing a Hawaiian dress that I have been sewing (for what seems like ages). Things will get are getting better on this blog. xxx

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