Made: Knitted bolero

The back
Last Saturday my few of my friends came over to my place for a mini afternoon tea and to pick out some of my old clothes. And it was then that I suddenly recalled this gem that I knitted about 3 years ago. Yes, this little thing was knitted over 3 years ago and it has always been sitting in my wardrobe. No, I have not worn it once. 

What was wrong with me?

There was Twinings Prince of Wales tea, green tea and lemongrass & ginger tea. Oh, and there were macarons too. 
A quick search of my Ravelry account reminded me that this was made with a free pattern based on an original Anthropologie capelet. In other words, this is an Anthro-inspired capelet. Capelet, shrug, bolero. You can call it whatever you wish.

And if I recall correctly, I made this bolero with just 1 (or maybe 2) balls of Shiver yarn (from Spotlight). It's bulky and... on sale when I bought. Like... $5 or something.

Geez, it's time I pick up my knitting needles again. How I've missed those times. 

Oh, and I was wearing a polka dot dress that I picked up at a flea market a few weeks ago and my favourite traditional American tattoo-inspired necklace. Happy days!

x Rockabilly x


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