Sewn: Kitty cushions

So, things have been rather quiet around here lately. Yes, I have been busy. In the time that I have been absent from blogging, I have sewn 6 kitty cushions; sewn 2 lion-head cushions; completed my Hawaiian dress; made a crochet flower pot. If you follow my Instagram @gwenstella89, you would know that I haven't been lazy!

Ah, 6 kitty cushions. Six adorable kitty cushions.

I found this fabric panel featuring a bunch of random kitties while casually shopping at Spotlight one day and decided to buy a panel for a quick project. To be honest, I can't remember if it was 0.5 m or 1m. All I know is that I got 6 kitties out of it. 

This project was so easy and I had so much fun matching the kitty fabric with a contrasting fabric. I chose a fun but simple purple floral fabric for the grey kitty; a plain red fabric for the brown floral kitty; a plain pink fabric for the purple floral kitty. To add some creativity to project (and to add more charm to the kitties), I made the ears bendable and added bells inside the ears! 

Trust me, the jingling bells doubled the cuteness factor of the kitties. 

And, just to spice things up a little, I made the kitties wear my glasses. Geez, I was totally smitten with these kitties. 

That purple kitty looks flat because I was not done with filling it up before taking this family photo. I had run out of the polyester filling and HAD to take this family photo because I was giving one of them to someone who was leaving!

I've given all but one of the kitties away to my friends. One of the kitties now resides in Shanghai, another in Chicago, and the rest remains in Singapore. One of them lies in bed with me at night. Honestly, I'm NOT a soft toy person. But I DO like this kitty I made. xx

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