For everyone who has been following my blog for a while, you can tell that I have been posting a lot less regularly since my return to Singapore. Well, for the year 2013, I was mostly really trying to get my head around my job and settle back in the warm, sunny climate again. But close to the end of 2013, it was for a different reason.

I have putting my thoughts together and getting ready to FINALLY set up my own little business. People over the years have been asking me if I would want to sell the things I make to other. The answer is yes. But I also want to be able to deal with vintage and retro, and to share the joy of vintage with others. And so, after a few months of preparation and chance encounters, gee whiz! is born.

Ah, my baby. 

gee whiz! will be launched on 18th April 2014 and will be available for sales in Singapore. As gee whiz! is still in its early stages of development, international shipping or online purchase is still not available. Please be patient and continue to keep a look out for further developments of gee whiz!

Visit gee whiz!

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